Premium Paneled 100
Performance, convenienza, durata e facilità d'uso

Premium Paneled 100 sails are designed and constructed to deliverperformance, durability and easy handling at an affordable price. Theyfeature crosscut paneled construction with a premium woven polyestercloth, and represent the industry standard within their category.

  • Premium woven polyester is a tightly woven polyester fabric with improved stability and shapeholding, and is also suitable for boats over 40 feet.
Premium Paneled 100 sails can be optimized for performance cruising, class racing, handicap rules or rating rules.

Product Highlights
  • Layout cross-cut orientato per la trama
  • Polyestere durevole di prima scelta
  • Progetto della forma ad alta tecnologia con l'uso dei software North Design Suite
  • Vele progettate per ottenere facilità di regolazione

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Il tessuto poliestere di prima scelta si caratterizza per la massima densità della fibra per massimizzare la stabilità e la tenuta di forma.
Premium Paneled 100 Features - Mainsails & Headsails
  • Premium polyester sailcloth
  • Crosscut paneled layout
  • Foil tape or bronze hank luff attachments (headsails)
  • Loose-footed main with Integral Foot Skirt for shape and control
  • Luff customized to mast/boom or headstay system (except for custom luff cars)
  • Teardrop corner reinforcements
  • Stainless steel round rings and Rutgerson press rings
  • RBS epoxy “E-glass” battens
  • Batten pockets with Velcro stuff or tie in closure
  • Cunningham adjustment
  • Standard Allslip luff slides
  • Pre-stretched Polyester leech and foot cords with purchase adjusters
  • Telltales
  • Drawstring sailbag
  • Higher roach profiles through additional area (some structural limitations apply)
    Full length battens
  • Leech battens
  • Reefs
  • Custom Luff & Batten Car Systems
  • Sail numbers
  • Country code
  • Insignia
  • Trim stripes/Glow Fast stripes
  • Photo and corner codes
  • Certified Measurement
  • In boom furling construction
  • Overhead leech cord
  • 2 ply or leech ply construction
  • Split panel construction for classic appearance
  • Spreader tip patches
  • UV protection
  • Clew block with Dacron UV corner cover on roller furling mainsails
  • SailKote Anti-Mildew Treatment
  • QuickCover
  • Roll bag or zippered sausage bag

  • Telltale Window
  • Sail numbers
  • Country code
  • Trim stripes
  • Photo and corner codes
  • Leech battens
  • Full length battens
  • VB+ vertical battens
  • Spreader and stanchion patches
  • Roller reefing patches (not recommended without luff pad)
  • Rope Luff reefing pad and patches
  • Foam Luff with reefing patches
  • Soft hanks
  • Soft clew
  • North Clewboard
  • T-ring clew
  • Tack Snap Shackle
  • 2 ply or leech ply construction
  • Split panel construction for classic appearance
  • UV protection
  • SailKote Anti-Mildew Treatment
  • Roll bag or zippered sausage bag
  • Premium woven
    polyester fabric
  • Fill-oriented crosscut
    paneled construction

  • Premium woven
    polyester fabric
  • Optimized for performance
    cruising, class racing,
    handicap rule or
    rating rule